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Welcome to REDFLAGiT

Red Flag Missing, Found or Stolen Items to be returned in the hands of their rightful owners.

About this Utility

We are concern Citizens of a Global community where crime through technology can be prevented. Our system will prevent stolen goods from being resold, lost and missing items to be found.

By registering your Stolen, Missing or Found items it can be traced Online. Goods are sold to individuals or retail companies without them knowing that they could be supporting criminal practice. By searching the serial number on our site, items that was Redflagged will show up as Stolen, Lost or Found in the search section. Please give a full description of your Stolen, Lost or Found items in the registration section under Red Flag an Item. Purchases can now be made with convidence either via retail or privately with peace of mind. Lost and Found items can now be returned to their rightful legal owners. Please note all information is treated as private and confidential. Contact us should you need any information or assistance.

In the event of an item being registered as Stolen the system will display the information in the Search section. Please alert authorities for the arrest and email us your details for items to be returned to their rightful owner.

All rights reserved.

Red Flag an Item

Red Flag an item either as Missing, Found or Stolen and others may get in contact with you.

E-mail address is required.
We'll never display or share your e-mail information with anyone else.
Full name is required.
Red Flag Type
At least one unique identifier is required.
Enter all available unique identifiers like, serial number, registration number, license number, engine number, chassis number, VIN number, EMEI number, MAC address, etc. separating each number with a space.
Item brand, name and model is required.
Provide the brand, name and model of the item to flag.
A full item description of at least 100 characters is required.
Give a full description of the item, condition, location and any other pertinent information which could be helpful. Please take note NOT to include any personal information or physical address as this information is PUBLIC.

Contact us

We stop Crime by giving you this platform to resolve it.

Items can be purchased privately,on the net or via retail with peace of mind.

Should you require any additional information please contact us.

E-mail address is required.
We'll never display or share your e-mail information with anyone else.
Full name is required.
A message of at least 100 characters long is required.
Provide a detailed message.